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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Experiencing books

Once a quarter during college, I’d receive my financial aid and go on a book-buying binge. I’d vow to spend my remaining money wisely enough that I’d be able to keep the books.

Once a quarter, nearer its end, I’d look at my books and wish they were nutritionally as well as intellectually sustaining. I’d then haul them to Smith Family Bookstore, where I’d trade one form of sustenance (books) for cash for the other (food).

Only a handful of books survived my college days. Fewer still moved overseas and back with me. Twice.

Early last year, my dear friend Sarah started recommending books she knew I’d like. A Brief History of Montmaray didn’t just suck me into its own pages but back into reading. By the end of 2011, thanks to copious readwalking, I’d read 40ish books. Most of those were ones I’d bought myself, which meant I was adding books to my shelves* knowing I really would be able to keep them this time around.

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  1. A question: Are you doing something different with your blog? I am unable to get into most of the time - it just starts/fails/starts/fails.

    And books are a serious addiction. My bookshelves are stacked two and three deep and that doesn't count the piles in the dining and the spare room.

    1. Nothing different! It's still hosted by WordPress without any change of things by me. It might be related to traffic, but even then--it's not like I'm getting server-breaking traffic, nor anything near! Hrm.